01/Feb/2021  | COVID Test Explained
EXPLAINING DIFFERENT COVID-19 TESTS 1- PCR: The most accurate test available for detecting COVID. Nasal/Mouth sample needed. 150,000 LL set by Ministry of Health. Used also for travelling at borders. Very useful if done 4-5 days after exposure. 2- Rapid Ag Test: A quick test to see if someone has COVID. Patient MUST have symptoms; else the test is not accurate enough. 50,000 LL set by government. If +, no need for PCR anymore. Nasal swab or throat swab. 3- COVID Antibody Test IgG and IgM: Dosage testing for IMMUNITY. These antibodies arise 2 weeks to 1 month after an infection. Positive IgM means it was more recent (i.e. 2 weeks), whereas a positive IgG means it was more distant (1 month). Presence of Immunity may not last long for COVID. This is a blood test. A positive IgG means you may not need the vaccine.