A virus, discovered in 1958, with reemergence in late 2018 in Congo. It has similarities in symptoms and sign to smallpox virus, but with less severity. Smallpox was eradicated from the world using mass vaccinations, and vaccine protocol was stopped in 1973-4. Current Monkypox cases have been more common in homosexual men, but its spread can go to anyone, via skin and large air droplets (cough). Currently NOT a pandemic. Testing available in Lebanon via PCR method.

The New Corona as described, began in WUHAN city of China in late December 2019. It is a new genetic variety of the older SARS Corona that hit in 2013, killing 800 people then. The new variety this time, is faster to spread between people, but less deadly, as its mortality is only 2.8% Common and fast tests in routine labs have not been developed yet, but the MOH in Lebanon has already set up a hotline where Nasal Swab samples can be sent via labs in Lebanon. At the time of writing, 8000 infected cases have been confirmed, mostly east Asia, 180 deaths; zero cases in middle east.

Influenza A (includes H1N1) and type B are the flu viruses commonly effecting patients in the winter season. Usually hit the upper respiratory tract, with runny stuffed nose, soar throat and mild cough and fever. More serious in those with weak immune system. To test if one has this virus, a swab sample is taken from the nasal cavity (where the virus is) and tested within 1/2 hr for the presence of either type of Influenza.


A new test in the laboratory was added to our test menu: MGP. It is a new test to diagnose calcifications inside the blood vessels, which may lead to a hidden risk for heart attacks. For this reason a lecture was organized in the St Marc new auditorium, where 120 doctors attended to hear about the uses of the test and management.

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